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Yes, David is expedition leader on most of our trips, in addition, you will be supported by his hand-picked Sherpa guides that are not only record breakers but exped leaders too in their own right.

Due to the bespoke nature of Last Mile Treks guiding services, each expedition naturally has many variables to consider. After you submit an enquiry, we will begin a process to work closely with you to understand your objectives and then provide you with an estimate of associated costs. Some advertised pre-planned expeditions will already have associated costs detailed, and on enquiry we will clearly communicate how this cost may be adjusted based on the final number of team members.

All of our private expeditions are within extreme high altitudes environments, with differing requirements for ability. Due to the nature of these operational landscapes it is essential you provide concise, honest descriptions of relevant experience and current fitness levels. Upon receipt we will review your experience and respond accordingly. At this point if we consider there to be any shortfalls, we can collectively discuss the opportunities and/or provide a training support plan to achieve your goals.

All accommodations are included from the initial meeting point through to the end of the expedition.  Our base camp accommodation is also of the highest quality and comfort and can be completely tailored to the demands of any global lifestyle. We can discuss options and your needs during the booking phase.

We can provide full office facilities at basecamp, including Wi-Fi. Satellite phones are also available throughout the expedition for emergency and essential comms.

All communal equipment is included ie high quality ropes, stoves, tents etc. You are responsible for personal gear and clothing, eg. harness, crampons, helmet, ice axes etc. A full essentials list and advice (if required) will be provided at time of booking.

We will cover all transport costs detailed within an expedition programme. This will exclude international flights to and from the destination countries. It is your responsibility to ensure these align with the start and finish of the expedition.

All of the meals served on our expeditions are of quality local/region­al produce tested and proven to be effective in these environments. This is combined with any dietary restrictions/requests you may have which can be discussed during the booking phase.

Will be required. Due to changes in travel documentation regulations, please ensure your passport is valid well beyond the time of the expedition. Some countries now require six months validity beyond the date of your return travel. You will also be responsible for any visa requirements.

All permits will be arranged and taken care of by Last Mile Treks admin team.

Yes, it is compulsory on all our expeditions. You are responsible for acquiring the appropriate insurance for the nature of the trip and its activities. Ensure your chosen policy also covers helicopter and medical rescue and repatriation costs.

We advise that you consult your personal GP/physician before your trip and fol­low any advice from World Health Orga­ni­za­tion guidelines or local medical authorities.

We explain our unique approach in detail during the booking phase. However, a key component in our proven method is meticulous planning and the preparation prior to your arrival. Our strong rope fixing team will be on the mountain a month prior to arrival of the clients, in order to establish fixed lines. Usually climbers are left waiting in basecamp while the route is being fixed, so our clients will only arrive at basecamp after/halfway through the route fixing is complete. This minimises the waiting period for the fixed lines but leaving enough time for adequate acclimatisation rotation.

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